Philips Consumer Electronics

Agencies: The Hollywood-Madison Group / Manning, Selvage & Lee (Los Angeles)
Program: “See What You’ve Been Missing” (product launch)
Director: Jonathan Holiff


Left: Director Martin Scorsese on the set of Philips’ “See What You’ve Been Missing” satellite media tour. Right: Martin Scorsese with Jonathan Holiff of The Hollywood-Madison Group (New York City)


Martin Scorsese directs Philips’ digital widescreen product launch

HOLLYWOOD: Oscar-winner, Martin Scorsese, served as the spokesperson for Philips Consumer Electronics’ launch of “See What You’ve Been Missing,” a public education campaign supporting the introduction of Philips’ new line of high definition, widescreen televisions. The year-long press campaign was designed to educate the public about the benefits of watching movies as they were intended to be seen, in their original widescreen format. A leading proponent of the format, Mr. Scorsese hosted a satellite media tour in New York City where he screened classic movie scenes, simultaneously, in standard and widescreen formats. The legendary movie director also supplied the client with “Martin Scorsese’s Top 10 Movies Best Viewed in Widescreen.”



Jonathan Holiff of The Hollywood-Madison Group developed the campaign, secured Mr. Scorsese’s services, and licensed the right to use the star’s name, likeness, and opinions for a period of one year. Jonathan’s other projects for Philips included “Digital Family Time Capsule,” featuring celebrity moms, and “Philips’ Fusion,” a launch event for personal electronics.