Sony Corporation

Agency: The Hollywood-Madison Group
Program: “Freedom: A Story in Pictures” (product launch)
Director: Jonathan Holiff
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Eric McCormack (“Will & Grace”) at home with his new Sony Mavica (Toluca Lake, California)
Participating celebrities:
Fran Drescher; Hector Elizondo; David James Elliott; Mark Feuerstein; Whoopi Goldberg; Mary Hart; Dennis Hopper, Lauren Hutton, Val Kilmer; Eric McCormack, Alyssa Milano, Carl Lewis; Marlee Matlin; Kenny Rogers; and, astronaut Buzz Aldrin.



Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Milano and Dennis Hopper among Sony Freedom photographers

Dennis Hopper at home with his Sony CD Mavica (Venice, CA)

HOLLYWOOD: As part of an influencer campaign it created for Sony Electronics, The Hollywood-Madison Group placed the Sony Mavica digital camera with fifteen top stars including Eric McCormack, Alyssa Milano, and Dennis Hopper.

“Freedom: A Story in Pictures” was a unique public relations effort designed to demonstrate the new technology. Each celebrity was asked to take a picture of what freedom means to them.

The photographs (framed with an autographed Picture CD and description) were offered for sale on eBay as part of Wired magazine’s annual charity auction and put on display at a star-studded live event in Los Angeles. The auction benefited Stephen Spielberg’s children charity, The Starbright Foundation.

In addition to Mr. McCormack, Ms. Milano, and Mr. Hopper, celebrity participants included: Fran Drescher; Hector Elizondo; David James Elliott; Mark Feuerstein, Whoopi Goldberg; Mary Hart; Lauren Hutton; Val Kilmer; Carl Lewis; Marlee Matlin; Kenny Rogers; and, astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Kenny Rogers wrote of his photo, The Cost of Freedom: “Recently I visited Liberty Park so that I might feel for myself the impact of 9/11 on the New York City skyline. There was no one else around – just this man and his thoughts. It really made me realize freedom is not cheap, freedom is not guaranteed.”

Eric McCormack submitted a beautiful photo of his wife and newborn baby; Alyssa Milano, a multiple-exposure featuring the major religious symbols; and Mark Feuerstein, a poignant study of Holocaust survivors. “J.A.G.” star David James Elliott’s photo of a military cemetery earned the highest bid of the photos at auction ($3,050.00).

The Freedom photos ranged from abstract to philosophical to humorous, yet all were poignant and personal works of art. “This program demonstrated how several corporations and personalities can work together to create a powerful campaign that is both worthwhile and fun,” said Steve Haber, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging product division. “It began as an unassuming way to promote the ease of our Mavica cameras, but has evolved into a compelling testimony of freedom and compassion by some of today’s most admired public figures.”

Hosted by DreamWorks head Walter Parkes, and Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, the event was attended by 300 VIPs, including many of the participating celebrities. Surrounded by the latest electronics and gadgets, guests bid on more than 150 items at online kiosks. The evening concluded with a live auction of the five most unique items, including a fly-fishing trip to Telluride with Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.



Jonathan Holiff of The Hollywood-Madison Group directed the program, secured the celebrities, struck the partnerships with Wired, eBay, and Starbright, and licensed the rights to use the stars’ names, likenesses, and opinions for a period of one year. Click HERE to flip through Souvenir Program.